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Article IX - County Employment Practices

§ 9.01 Human Resource Commission

The County Executive, subject to confirmation by the Council, shall appoint the members of a Human Resource Commission, consisting of three electors of the County having experience in personnel matters or personnel administration and who are supportive of equal opportunity considerations. No more than two of the three members of the Human Resource Commission shall be members of the same political party. The Human Resource Commission shall be responsible for administering, for and in cooperation with the officers, agencies, boards and commissions of the County, an efficient and economical system for the employment of persons in the public service of the County according to merit and fitness. The County’s human resources policies and systems, including ethics policies for County employees, shall be established by ordinance and shall be administered in such manner as will eliminate unnecessary expense and duplication of effort, while ensuring that persons will be employed in the public service without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age or ancestry.

The term of office of each member of the Human Resource Commission shall be six years. The terms shall be staggered so that no term expires within less than two years of the expiration of any other term. The County Executive shall fill a vacancy occurring for an unexpired term in the same manner as a regular appointment.

Of the terms of office for the initial appointees, one shall be appointed for a term of six years, one shall be appointed for a term of four years and one shall be appointed for a term of two years. The County Executive shall nominate the initial appointees to the Human Resource Commission not later than March 1, 2011 and thereafter within thirty days after the occurrence of a vacancy.

No member of the Human Resource Commission shall hold any other public office or public employment with the County. The Council shall establish a per diem compensation for the members of the Human Resource Commission.

The County Executive may remove any member of the Human Resource Commission for inefficiency, neglect of duty or malfeasance in office after notice and public hearing before the Council, provided that eight members of the Council concur.

§ 9.02 Authority of Human Resource Commission

The Human Resource Commission shall have:
  1. Responsibility for the resolution or disposition of all personnel matters, with authority to appoint hearing officers to hear all employee appeals previously under the jurisdiction of the State Personnel Board of Review;
  2. Responsibility for administration of countywide compliance with federal and state laws regarding personnel matters for which the County is the reporting unit and for maintenance of records required by such laws;
  3. Authority to ensure:
    • Pay equity for like positions;
    • Standardization of benefits;
    • Approval of qualifications;
    • Consistent discipline;
    • Training of management in personnel practices;
    • Training of employees in job functions;
    • Training for total quality management;
    • Consistent administration of performance management system;
    • Coordination of recruitment;
    • Compliance with ethics resolutions or ordinances as passed by the Council; and
  4. Such other functions as may be deemed necessary by the Council for the Human Resource Commission to carry out its mission and purpose.

§ 9.03 Classification

The Human Resource Commission shall administer a clear, countywide classification and salary administration system for technical, specialist, administrative and clerical functions with a limited number of broad pay ranges within each classification. The classification system shall include the employees of the offices listed in Article V of this Charter, as well as those of the County Executive and County Council except those employees in positions designated as unclassified by general law. 8
The classification system shall, to the extent permitted by the Ohio Constitution, include the employees of all offices, officers, agencies, departments, boards, commissions or other public bodies, other than separate political subdivisions, that are supported in whole or in part from taxes levied, or other financial assistance provided, by the County.

§ 9.04 Appointing Authorities

The County Executive and the officers, offices, agencies, departments, boards and commissions and other public bodies, who under this Charter or under general law are authorized to employ persons in the service of the County, shall be appointing authorities. Persons interested in employment with the County shall make application to the Department of Human Resources. No appointing authority shall appoint a person to fill a vacancy in the classified service who does not meet the qualifications for that position approved by the Human Resource Commission. All Appointing Authorities shall strive in making appointments in both the classified and the unclassified service to ensure that the diversity of the population of the County is reflected in the persons who are employed by the County.

§ 9.05 Department of Human Resources

There shall be a Department of Human Resources, which shall serve under the direction of and perform such functions on behalf of the Human Resource Commission as the Commission shall prescribe.