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Article VI - Boards and Commissions

§ 6.01 Budget Commission

The Budget Commission shall consist of the County Executive, the Fiscal Officer and the Prosecuting Attorney. Members of the Budget Commission may appoint deputies to serve on their behalf. The Budget Commission shall exercise all powers and perform all duties of a county budget commission as prescribed by general law.

§ 6.02 Board of Revision

There shall be one or more Boards of Revision, each consisting of three electors of the County. Two members of each board, who shall not be of the same political party, shall be appointed by the Council, and one member shall be appointed by the County Executive, each for a term of three years. Each Board of Revision shall exercise all duties of a county board of revision as prescribed by general law. The Council may provide for compensation for members of a Board of Revision.

§ 6.03 Other Boards and Commissions

Any board or commission of the County and any joint board or commission in which the County is a participant that is in existence when this Charter becomes effective, but not provided for in this Charter, shall continue to exist until reorganized or discontinued by action of Council, unless its continuance is required by general law.

§ 6.04 Special Boards and Commissions

When general law or any agreement with another public agency or court order provides for appointment of members of a special board or commission or other agency by the board of county commissioners, such appointment shall be made by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by the Council.