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County Government Collaboration Committee


  • Mayor Bruce Akers
  • State Representative Mike Foley
  • State Senator Nina Turner

Proposed Charges

Note: These proposed charges were intended to give the workgroups a starting point from which to organize their work. We expect that some workgroups may expand upon their charges and/or coordinate with other workgroups to avoid duplicative processes or work product.

Charter: Article II Section 2.03 (2), Article III Section 3.09 (8)

The charge for this workgroup will be overarching the entirety of county government and its interactions with the 59 communities it serves and represents:
  • Review current service delivery to or on behalf of Cuyahoga County political subdivisions and all public agencies within. Determine costs and value of such delivery in terms of dollars (distinguish between GF, HHS levy & IG) and FTE utilization (PHASE 1 Review)
  • Develop and execute a “customer service” survey with the communities to determine a) their impressions of their interactions with county government; b) continuing needs and, c) improvements to future interactions
  • Recommend a systematic plan for continuing interactions between political subdivisions of Cuyahoga County and the new county government; Include formal meetings and structured discussions regarding the overall cost and methods of delivering public services, at all levels, within the borders of Cuyahoga County.

Preliminary Recommendations

This document is the work product of a transition volunteer work group.  All recommendations remain preliminary until fully reviewed and approved with or without amendment and/or commentary by the Transition Executive Committee.

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