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Finance & Administration Workgroup


  • Robin Thomas
  • Rick Fearon

Proposed Charges

Note: These proposed charges were intended to give the work-groups a starting point from which to organize their work. We expect that some work-groups may expand upon their charges and/or coordinate with other work-groups to avoid duplicative processes or work product.

Charter: Article V Sections: 5.02; 5.05; 5.06; 5.07, Article X, Article XI

  • Review existing operations in the offices of Auditor, Recorder, Treasurer, Office of Budget and Management, by department/division and function; and by relationship with other boards, agencies and officials
  • Recommend an organizational and operational structure for the appointed offices of the Auditor, Recorder, and Treasurer that will ensure those appointed officials can fulfill the duties of their offices as mandated by general law and/or as specified in the charter
  • Offer such other recommendations related to best practices for the operations of the County‚Äôs Fiscal Administration system so as to achieve improvements, transformational realignment and efficiencies

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