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Human Resources Workgroup


  • Debbie Southerington
  • Tom Helfrich

Proposed Charges

Note: These proposed charges were intended to give the workgroups a starting point from which to organize their work. We expect that some workgroups may expand upon their charges and/or coordinate with other workgroups to avoid duplicative processes or work product.

Charter Article IX

  • Review existing Human Resource operations/procedures/technology in all the Charter impacted agencies to identify current best practices and or redundancies
  • Recommend an organizational and operational structure for the seamless transition to a Human Resources Commission operation to ensure:
    • Pay equity for comparable positions
    • Standardization of benefits
    • Approval of minimum and preferred qualifications
    • Consistent disciplinary rules
    • Training of management in personnel practices
    • Training of employees in job functions
    • Training for total quality management
    • Consistent administration of a performance management system
    • Coordination of recruitment and retention policies
    • Compliance with ethics resolutions or ordinances as passed by the Council; and,
  • Offer such other recommendations related to best practices for the operations of Human Resources so as to achieve optimal improvements, transformational realignment and efficiencies.

Preliminary Recommendations

These documents are the work products of a transition volunteer work group.  All recommendations remain preliminary until fully reviewed and approved with or without amendment and/or commentary by the Transition Executive Committee.

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