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Information Technology Workgroup


  • John Hunter
  • Bill Blausey

Proposed Charges

Note: These proposed charges were intended to give the workgroups a starting point from which to organize their work. We expect that some workgroups may expand upon their charges and/or coordinate with other workgroups to avoid duplicative processes or work product.

Not Individually Identified in Charter

  • Review existing governance structure (Automated Data Processing, i.e. ADP Board)
  • Review current Information Services Center (ISC) staffing, interdepartmental structures,, services, equipment, supportive services, facilities
  • Review current system needs and anticipated RFP's for systems that are needed by agencies now
  • Review ISC current plans and projects that are being implemented or plan to be implemented during the next year
  • Review current ISC funding and charge back and funding methods
  • Recommend an organizational structure for an Informational Technology Services oversight board and the ISC that will ensure that the necessary services are provided to the county and the taxpayers at the most efficient and cost effective way
  • Recommend a financing, budget, and charge back method both for the operations at the ISC and services provided for other county agencies
  • Recommend a plan that includes suburban communities within Cuyahoga County with the county's IT planning and expands IT services as a means to save taxpayers money
  • Review all current IT systems and programs within Cuyahoga County and recommend ways to increase integration, reduce duplication, increase transparency and more effectively and efficiently conduct county business.

Preliminary Recommendations

These documents are the work products of a transition volunteer work group.  All recommendations remain preliminary until fully reviewed and approved with or without amendment and/or commentary by the Transition Executive Committee.

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