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Procurement & Public Works Workgroup


  • Lenora Lockett
  • David LaRue

Procurement & Public Works Workgroup:

County Co-chair: Lenora Lockett
Non-County Co-chair: David LaRue

Procurement Subcommittee:

County Co-chair: Lenora Lockett
Non-County Co-chair: David LaRue

Engineering Subcommittee:

County Co-chair: Stan Kosilesky
Non-County Co-chair: Robert Pietrick

Sanitary Engineering Subcommittee:

County Co-chair: Michael Dever
Non-County Co-chair: Ellen Thibo

Facilities Management Subcommittee:

County Co-chair: Jay Ross
Non-County Co-chair: Kathryn Ielapi

Proposed Charges

Note: These proposed charges were intended to give the workgroups a starting point from which to organize their work. We expect that some workgroups may expand upon their charges and/or coordinate with other workgroups to avoid duplicative processes or work product.

Charter Article V Section: 5.05, Article X

  • Review existing infrastructure and supportive services, including the Engineer, the Department of Central Services and the Department of Procurement and
  • Diversity and evaluate and document current service delivery processes for both Charter and non-Charter agencies
  • Recommend an organizational and operational structure that maximizes efficiencies in infrastructure and supportive service areas including the existing agency charge back process, property/lease inventory, facility maintenance contracts, enterprise system planning and centralized procurement processes

Preliminary Recommendations

These documents are the work products of a transition volunteer work group. All recommendations remain preliminary until fully reviewed and approved with or without amendment and/or commentary by the Transition Executive Committee.

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